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All Directors

On this page you will find all directors who work with us. We see ourselves as a ‘director’s label’ and try to make the entire cinematic work of the directors accessible.

“Fassbinder said ‘I don’t throw bombs. I make films’, and I would have loved to tell him, ‘I make films, too’.”

“David Lynch has said that he no longer makes movies because the market is dead. That’s true. Nevertheless we fight for every film (...). We often make small, radical films where we are used to fighting our way uphill all the time. One can only hope again and again that the films will retain a value, that the films will remain.”

“To be able to think about space we have to represent space, and in film we do that by setting up a media space between image and brain. Two-dimensional pictures arranged in science-fiction-like time structures and soundscapes that represent or contain pieces of reality.”

“What I’ve always wanted: that it continues, that the film triggers something and that people talk, (...) that the film continues in real life.”

“As a director you have the opportunity to stage a small world and also to bring it to a new start - to do and to re-do. These are important things for me. (...) A film never really ends. The ending is arbitrary, because the money runs out or for other reasons.”

“The audience had no lobby in New German Cinema. I have always said that people paid and have a right to expect me to speak to them on film. That was interpreted to me at the time as corruption, but it means the exact opposite. (...) Film and audience = cinema.”

“Throughout my cinematographic work I seek to explore the elementary forces of love, death and life with the help of various phantasmagorias and utopian visions.”