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Klaus Wyborny

GER 1990, 94 min

The whole world in one film:

Robert, a young Dane, is shanghaied in Marseille, and via Acapulco he is abducted into the South Pacific. There he kills his father and seduces his mother. Then he explores the changing world. The end finds him in a Polynesian village, where the chief bestows him with a girl of his age-class. A novel of adventure, a novel of love, also an oratory of some sort.

GER 1994, 80 min

It was in the early 70s. A girl I met at the Ganz café persuaded me to follow her to Egypt. She offered to pay for the trip if I accepted to fuck her at the summit of a few pyramids. At the time, I was trying to make new friends, and I figured this could help me inaugurate a real friendship.
The Ganz café no longer exists. The shack where the freaks used to gather has now been replaced by a spherical, postmodern building where one can buy flowers and oriental jewelry. This is what happens to the places that feelings abandon.

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