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Elfi Mikesch

GER 2024, 86 min

Wünsdorf is a former military base in Brandenburg (Germany), which the Russian army had left in 1994. The First and Second World Wars were planned and executed from here as well as the Cold War. The architect, urban planner and pioneer of ecological urban development Prof. Dr. Ekhart Hahn stands up for a sustainable transformation. During the making of the film, the war breaks out in Ukraine. Russia’s invasion gives the former military site and the film a new meaning.

"I like to mix all genres, play with them, proceeding in a montage-like manner and using very contradicting devices. It is not streamlined and is therefore often labelled experimental film. I prefer transgressions, even within contrasting genres."

Photo: Monika Treut (l.) and Elfi Mikesch (r.)

GER 2011, 97 min

Werner Schroeter, one of the greatest directors of New German Film, finds out that he is terminally ill with cancer in 2006. He is in the midst of staging SCHÖNHEIT DER SCHATTEN, a scenic project on Robert Schumann and Heinrich Heine at Düsseldorf’s Kunsthalle. A race against time begins, determined by hope and apprehension.

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