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Irene von Alberti

“What I’ve always wanted: that it continues, that the film triggers something and that people talk, (...) that the film continues in real life.”

Photo: Jenny Lou Ziegel (l.) and Irene von Alberti (r.) at the shooting of "The long Summer of Theory"

Irene von Alberti is director and producer and lives in Berlin. As co-founder of Filmgalerie 451, she offers a platform for artistic films that are unusual and courageous in form and content.


Irene von Alberti was born in Stuttgart. She studied media technology and worked as a camera assistant and camerawoman. In 1987 she founded the video library Filmgalerie 451 in Stuttgart together with Frieder Schlaich. In 1992, it developed into a cinema distribution and video label (today: DVD), under which Irene von Alberti and Frieder Schlaich have always produced their own films. With PAUL BOWLES – HALFMOON, a film adaptation of three short stories by the American cult author Paul Bowles, which she realised together with Frieder Schlaich, Irene von Alberti celebrated her first success as a director in 1995. Her own works include an episode of the film BERLIN STORIES, her first full-length feature film TANGERINE, and THE LONG SUMMER OF THEORY. As a producer, she has produced films by Heinz Emigholz and Monika Treut, among others.

Films in the program

GER 2024, 104 min

Germany, shortly before elections – a mysterious disease outbreak afflicting only men strikes. Differences between the sexes long believed...

GER 2017, 81 min

“What is to be done?“ Three women, their demand for political action and the question of how to put it into a reality.

GER/Morocco 2008, 95 min

Tangiers, Morocco. A complicate love triangle between a young Moroccan woman and a German couple. Money, dishonesty and prostitution occur...

GER 2005, 93 min

Three episodes between stage and life – exciting young German cinema and a true Berlin film!

GER 1995, 93 min

Three episodes based on three short stories and commented by famouse American writer Paul Bowles.