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Philip Scheffner

DVD 1:
Direction: Philip Scheffner, Script: Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner – D 2012, 106 Min. + 36 Min. Extras

Visual contact. 90 minutes. Waving. Waiting.

Philip Scheffner has created a distinct form of political thinking in his films that enables a redistribution of visibility and invisibility. He creates complex image and soundscapes, interweaves stories, and meticulously follows traces that constantly open him up in new directions.

DVD1: THE HALFMOON FILES (D 2007, 87 min, 16:9, PAL, Stereo) is a film on the complex relationships between politics, colonialism, science and media. A film about gaps, omissions and the construction of history. In short:
a ghost story.

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