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Robert Schwentke

GER 2023

Rome in 65 AD, the philosopher Seneca has been Emperor Nero‘s teacher, a callow, self-involved, emotionally volatile boy, gets some bad news from the office upstairs: Nero believes (wrongly, it turns out) that Seneca was part of a plot against his life. (Though Seneca was affiliated with the conspirators, there is no real evidence that he was part of the conspiracy.) Seneca is told: Go home, gather your family and friends and take your life tonight—the way you want to do it. Or, on the other hand, we will show up at your door tomorrow morning…and we will dispatch you.

GER/FR/PL 2017, 118 min

The end of World War II is in sight and the social structure of Germany lies in tatters. As the Wehrmacht’s morale begins to deteriorate and regiments begin to disintegrate, the number of deserters climbs so dramatically that any soldier found separated from his company may be shot as a traitor. Anarchy and arbitrary murder completely replace law and order.

GER 2003, 87 min

Convinced that he needs his missing testicle to feel complete again, Martin and his friends set out on a foolhardy yet uplifting mission to the hospital’s most secret chambers, where they not only have a ball, but bring one back as well …

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