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Henner Winckler

GER 2006, 82 min

18-year-old Maggy has just become a mother. Together with her daughter Lucy she lives with her mother Eva. Maggy's life lingers on between teenage rituals and child care, vague dreams and her inability, to imagine her future. When she meets 25-year-old Gordon, she dashes into a new life, that is meant to solve the old contradictions. Hoping to do better than her mother, Maggy starts looking for a family happiness, she has only a faint idea of.

GER 2002, 82 min

A school class takes a very boring trip to the Polish Baltic Sea coast. At a disco one night, the 16-year-old Ronny and his fellow student Isa, meet a Polish boy named Marek. When Ronny notices that Marek is more interested in Isa than he is in him, he starts to challenge him, until his provocations end in a test of will with tragic consequences.

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