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Andreas Kleinert

DDR 1985, 15 min

A short documentary by Andreas Kleinert about a cashier in Clärchens Ballhaus, one of the last remaining ball houses of the 1920s in Berlin. “A world of strange freedom and longing.” (Andreas Kleinert)

GDR 1989, 66 min

The film depicts the escape and return of a Kafkaesque hero named Joseph. Memories, dreams and visions are mixed into the fiction of a loss of a brother as a farewell to a way of life.

GER 1999, 95 min

Walter was once a respected man, a communist, with an important role at a power plant in the former GDR. He is now unemployed; left feeling powerless, frustrated and angry. He appoints himself as keeper of justice with two young recruits (René and Gina). They patrol the trains by night, beating those that assault or insult fellow commuters. It is Walter’s way of asserting control over a society he is loosing control of.

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