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Max Linz

GER 2019, 80 min

The Institute for Cybernetics and Simulation Research is threatened with closure – the starting point for this satire about how the university system is to be transformed into a turbo-capitalist research machine. Phoebe Phaidon, a highly qualified, up-and-coming young academic, accepts yet another temporary teaching contract. With her progressive ideals on climate research still more or less intact, she acts as a link to the frustrated, yet combat-ready students who have occupied the library.

GER 2014, 84 min

Asta Andersen is a young art curator, a real go-getter, who is preparing a new exhibition on cinema in Berlin. In order to make it happen, however, she needs financing. And so she pays a visit to various cultural departments and institutions and also uses her own contacts in an attempt to secure the needed funds.

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