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Angela Schanelec

GER 2004, 95 min

Young fotographer Sophie exchanges her flat with a student from Marseille. It’s February, Marseille seems rough and inaccessible. Sophie is by herself and takes photographs. In a car repair shop she asks the young mechanic Pierre, if he can get her a car. The more she turns herself over to the city, the more impossible her previous life seems to her ...

GER 2007, 95 min

A family spends three summer days in a beautiful lake mansion close to Berlin. Together with her new lover, Irene visits her brother Alex, who still inhabits the house with his writer son Konstantin. Konstantins girl-friend pops in, too, and all of them drift away from each other more and more. The main characters of Chekhov’s The Seagull, today, here, on three lovely, hopeless  summer afternoons.

GER 2001, 85 min

Two young women sitting in a café on a summer day. Situations found everyday a thousand times over. But what happens when you try to depict this normality?

GER 2016, 86 min

Greece, 1984. Kenneth, an Englishman, and Theres, a German girl, sing in the street to finance their holidays. They are in love, but when Kenneth learns that his mother had an accident, he hastily returns home, leaving Theres behind. Later, starting to realize how much he needs her, he fails in his attempt to win her back.

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