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Isabelle Stever

GER 2022, 105 min

For many years, Nadja was a famous ballet dancer. From childhood, she mercilessly trained her body. In the meantime, it has become more and more an obstacle in life and a source of constant pain. How to live after years of self-abandonment? Her work as a ballet teacher cannot fill this void.

GER 2015, 100 min

Dorothea travels to a country on the verge of civil war to organize an aid campaign. While there, she discovers that the luxury of her decadent lifestyle, designer clothes and cocktails, stands in stark and cynical contrast to the needs of the poor. Seized by the spirit of adventure, she tumbles head-on into an affair with the 24-year-younger Alec, who appears to be nothing more than a handsome Arab drifter. Two bodies and two worlds collide. Her new muse and the uncontrollable events of war turn her previously biased view of reality on its head. Who is actually helping whom?

GER 2009, 11 min

The Munich elementary school on Thelottstraße is located in the multicultural district of Hasenbergl. The difficult financial situation many families and the language deficits of most of the children clearly affect the demands on the teachers' work. The film focuses on a fourth grade class and their young teacher, who instituted a 'class council' according to the Freinet pedagogy. The 9- to 11-year-olds are to learn successively to communicate according to democratic rules. Children who yell at each other or fight are to acquire language skills that show them alternative courses of action.

GER 2010, 90 min

37-year-old Simone decides to go out alone on New Year’s Eve. The next morning, she wakes up next to a stranger in his car, and a few weeks later she discovers that she’s pregnant. By coincidence, she runs into the stranger again – the handsome Hannes – and is surprised to find that contrary to her expectations, he’s actually happy about the pregnancy and wants to live with her. Could this be the face of happiness? While Hannes works in a hospital as a nurse in palliative care, tending to the dying with extraordinary tenderness, Simone renovates their shared, little home.

GER 2002, 92 min

Why wait? Newlyweds Dorit, 25, and Alex, 30, decide at their wedding party to revisit their hitherto extremely intense love relation in a playful marital spat that intensifies. The buzzed and charged mood consistently pushes the combative potential of the two - until the young bride loses touch with reality.

"In my films I often place the set pieces from reality in an unusual spot in order to awaken an alertness in the viewer that invites them to question the connections from reality."

Photo: Isabelle Stever (l.) and Constantin Campean (r. DoP) at the shooting of "Grand Jeté" (© Anna Melikova)

GER 2005, 90 min

Georg and Paul, two slightly aged slackers in an anonymous tower block estate celebrate booze feasts, boast their sexual accomplishments and get under the spell of married check-out girl Gisela ...

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