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White Star

GER 1983, 92 min

One of the most intense, ruthlessly unadulterated performances Hopper has ever put to screen!


Berlin, 1981. Ken Barlow (Dennis Hopper), a washed up tour manager, hit his peak as a road manager for the Rolling Stones but things have been going downhill for him ever since. He has found salvation in Moody (Terrance Robay), an up and coming synth-pop artist, who he vies to take straight to the top of the pops. Obsessed by the idea that all publicity is good publicity, Barlow, together with his accomplice on the streets (David Hess, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) incites a violent punk riot at Moody’s first concert. But that is only the first glimpse into Barlow’s bag of tricks that sends both him and Moody down a ever more destructive path.

On one hand, WHITE STAR is a film about the corrupt machinations of the entertainment industry, about cultural and personal myths, about father figures, childhood hopes, an almost metaphysical tale of purity and depravation – and the obligatory downfall of Ken Barlow who, despite proclaiming Moody’s music as “the damn future”, still cannot let go of his past. On the other hand, it is a film about the congruence of a film performances and private life: WHITE STAR is the last film starring Hopper before being arrested for drugs in Mexico and disappearing into rehab. The shooting of the film proved to be problematic, to say the least. Hopper comes dangerously close to the figure he portrays – and the only scenes that made it into the film show Hopper on a frenzied cocaine high.
Nevertheless – WHITE STAR shows one of the most intense, ruthlessly unadulterated performances Hopper has ever put to screen.


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Language: German, English (German and English OV)

Awards and Festivals

- Bundesfilmpreis 1984 (Filmband in Silber)
- Internationale Hofer Filmtage 1983


Director and Screenplay
Roland Klick
Dennis Hopper, Terrance Robay, Ramona Sweeney, David Hess, Peter Kybart, Robert Rice, Eric Engbretson, Salina, Shaun Lawton, Jinny Peak, Steven Linetsky, Ute Cremer, Robert Bomilla, Stefan Staudinger, Klaus Voormann,Georg R. Wenkhaus, Alexander Klick, John Pinschmidt; Georg Standt, Mike Koppermann, Berthold Breitenstein, Andreas Pohle, Jim Smith, Alex Kügler, Kai Schirmer, Jenny Schmidt, Peter Wilmeroth, Michael Kleber
Screenplay Collaboration
Thilo von Arnim, Karen Jaehne-Lathan
Director of Photography
Jürgen Jürges
Camera Assistant
Hans-Günther Bücking, Ralf Kutschera
Eva Schlensag
Bernhard Jobski
Production Design
Rainer Schaper
Costume Design
Ursula WeIter
Make-up Artist
Lisa Grass
Detlev Fichtner, Uwe Griem
Assistant Director
Thilo von Arnim, Berno Kürten
Location Manager
Axel Bär, Wolfgang Bajorat
Production Manager
Horst Burkhard
Line Producer
Renée Gundelach
Produced by
Roland Klick Filmproduktion, Maran Film, SDR
German Premiere
27.10.1983, Internationale Hofer Filmtage
Theatrical Release


Shortfilm LUDWIG by Roland Klick (D 1964, 15min), Musikclip by German electropop group Bandaloop UNIVERSE OF LOVE (1999, Director: Roland Klick, 4 min), Michael Strauven in dialog with Dennis Hopper and Roland Klick (Berlin 1981, 16min), 2 Extracts from an Interview with Roland Klick (1997, 15min), Klick Portrait by Peter W. Jansen (1984, 13 min), Audio Commentary by Roland Klick (2007), Photo Gallery, Original Theatrical Trailer
German and English original Version
92 min + 63 min Extras
Country Code
PAL / Color
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
DD 2.0
Set Content
Softbox (Set Content: 2)
Release Date
From 16 Years

Distribution Details

Screening Format
DCP (2K, 25fps, stereo)
Blu-ray Disc
35mm (contact Deutsche Kinemathek)
Aspekt Ratio
35mm, 1:1,66
German and English original Version
Promotion Material
A1-Poster (rent only)
License Area
From 16 Years