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GER 1974, 84 min

Between THE FRENCH CONNECTION and REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, SUPERMARKET is rightfully regarded as a cult classic of German cinema.


Willi (Klick-discovery Charlie Wierczejewski) lives on the streets of Hamburg, always on the run. Being sheltered by a good-natured journalist who attempts to resocialize him doesn’t stop him from getting in trouble. While being involved with small-time crook Theo (Walter Kohut, A BRIDGE TOO FAR a.o.) who makes him work the streets, he falls in love with prostitute Monika (Eva Mattes, STROSZEK, ENEMY AT THE GATES, IN A YEAR WITH 13 MOONS a.o.). Willi comes up with a dangerous plan that will enable both of them to make their last great escape.

Not making its protagonist a welfare case but romanticizing it as a James-Dean-like outlaw was unheard of in German cinema of the time; SUPERMARKET was the first film to depict social reality in such an immersive way. As much as it is a carefully orchestrated action film, SUPERMARKET encompasses the hopes of a generation of young people who thought of themselves as both misunderstood and rejected and is rightfully a landmark of 70s cinema.
The style of Director of Photography Jost Vacano, whose legendary tracking shots became part of cinematic lore, can be traced back all the way to SUPERMARKET: faced with the difficulty of having to run after its protagonist and to produce the now-legendary heist scene, Vacano levelled the camera gyroscopically, a technique he would later use in DAS BOOT. Hence, the camera becomes one with the spectator's eye: with an intense knowledge of the milieu it depicts, the audience follows protagonist Willi, acting in a story not to far from his own, through the shady bars and back yards of Hamburg of the 70s. The camera’s moveability matching that of the protagonist, SUPERMARKET creates a gripping experience of a restless, homeless life on the run.


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Language: German, Subtitles: English

Awards and Festivals

- Bundesfilmpreis 1974 (Filmband in Gold, Beste Regie und Beste darstellerische Leistung Walter Kohut)


Director and Screenplay
Roland Klick
Charly Wierzejewski, Eva Mattes, Michael Degen, Walter Kohut, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Eva Schukardt, Rudolf Brand, Witta Pohl, Ferdinand Henning, Thilo Weber, Alfred Edel, Hans IrIe, Paul Burian, Edgar Bessen, Jürgen Bieske, Alexander Klick, Heinz Domez, Rolf Jühlich, Peter Bertram, Karl Walter Diess
Screenplay Collaboration
Georg Althammer, Jane Sperr
Director of Photography
Jost Vacano
Camera Assistant
Peter Arnold
Peter Hesslein
Background Music
Udo Lindenberg
Title Song
Marius West
Jane Sperr
Production Design
Georg von Kieseritzky
Make-up Artist
Erich Schmekel
Christian Dalchow, Werner Gieseler, Thomas Kukuck, Gerard Rueff
Assistant Director
Kurt Noack
Location Manager
Jürgen Bieske, Kurt von Vietinghoff
Production Manager
Joachim von Vietinghoff
Roland Klick
Produced by
Roland Klick
In Collaboration with
Independent Film GmbH Heinz Angermeyer
German Premiere
Theatrical Release


Interviewfilm with Roland Klick und Jost Vacano (1999, 40 min), Interview with Roland Klick (1997, 16 min), Audiocommentary by Roland Klick, Klick-Portrait by Peter W. Jansen (1984, 13 min), Original Trailer, Photo Gallery, Title Song „Celebration“ by Marius West – all bonus features without subtitles
Country Code
PAL / Color
84 min + 82 min Extras
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format 
DD 2.0
Softbox (Set Content: 1)
Release Date
05.12.2005 (New release: 08.02.2013)
From 16 Years

Distribution Details

Screening Format
DCP (2K, 25fps, stereo)
Blu-ray Disc
35mm (contact Deutsche Kinemathek)
Aspect Ratio
35mm, 1:1,66, Widescreen
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Original lobby cards and poster (for rent only)
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From 16 Years