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GER 1965, 24min

A day in the life of an office worker and an aging striptease dancer who both live in the same house. Normally they don’t notice each other, but on this day their paths cross twice.


At the beginning a man in a suit in an elevator – the office worker. On the way back up again a woman in a leopard coat who comes home by the time the other one goes to work – the prostitute. Both live in the same house, but the circumstances of their lives make it impossible for them to meet each other more than in passing by.
While the camera fades into black on the one side, because she is going to sleep, on the other side he is busy talking numbers and standards into the telephone receiver. We are thrown in the middle of their everyday life and probably already suspect that in the evening, when his working day ends, her begins. The workers leave the factory and our office worker seeks distraction in the night life of the big city. Here they will meet again – a second time on this day.


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Language: German, Subtitles: English

Awards and Festivals

- Filmwoche Mannheim 1965: Filmdukaten in der Kategorie »Soziale Dokumentation«
- FBW-Prädikat: »Besonders wertvoll«
- Kulturfilmprämie 1966 des Bundesinnenministeriums (15.000 DM)


Director, Screenplay, Editor and Music
Roland Klick
Screenplay Collaboration
Gisela Werres
Til Erwig, Peggy Parnass, Rolf Schimpf
Director of Photography
Hans-Joachim Herbst
Produced by
Hans Eckelkamp Filmproduktion
German Premiere
13.10.1965, Internationale Filmwoche, Mannheim


TWO has been released on the DVD ROLAND KLICK FILMS in the Roland Klick - DVD Collection as well as on the single DVD DAS KINO DES ROLAND KLICK.

Distribution Details

Screening Format
Blu-ray Disc
35mm (contact Deutsche Kinemathek)
Aspect Ratio
35mm, 1:1,33
License Area