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Dear Fatherland Be at Peace

GER 1975, 92 min

Berlin during Cold War. A man gets between the fronts and ends up as a double agent.


The Berlin Wall stands now for three years, and the illegal business of organized refugee assistance is booming. Small-time crook Bruno from East Berlin is supposed to kidnap one of the heads of the organization, a man named Fanzelau, from the west of the city on behalf of the GDR. However, he makes contact with responsible Western authorities and becomes a double agent who gets caught between the fronts of the two countries. Roland Klick convinced critics and audiences alike with LIEB VATERLAND, MAGST RUHIG SEIN. Simmel wrote about the adaptation of his work: “If I were to write the book again, it would be like Klick's screenplay.” (Florian Widegger)

Awards and Festivals

- Deutscher Filmpreis 1976: Filmband in Gold für Jost Vacano (Beste Kamera)
- FBW-Prädikat: Besonders Wertvoll

Galerie Extras

Roland Klick during the shooting for DEAR FATHERLAND BE AT PEACE.


Roland Klick
Roland Klick (based on the novel by Johannes Mario Simmel)
Heinz Domez, Catherine Allégret, Georg Marischka, Günther Pfitzmann, Rudolf Wessely, Paul Glawion, Margot Werner, Rolf Zacher, Ulrich Radtke, Gunter Berger, Dietrich Fauboess, Uwe Gauditz
Director of Photography
Jost Vacano
Assistant to Camera
Peter Arnold
Sigrun Jäger
Jürgen Knieper
Götz Heymann
Ingrid Zoré
Helmut Röttgen
Sound Mix
Hans-Dieter Schwarz
Assistant to Director
Michael Bock
Set Manager
Harry Nap, Harald Muchametow
Bernd Eichinger
Produced by
Solaris Film
World Premiere
25.3.1976, Berlin
Theatrical Release