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GER 1964, 16 min

Roland Klick chases young Otto Sander through the tristesse of a small farming village. A masterpice and short film classic!


A young man (Otto Sander’s first role) cycles into the village. He passes a herd of cows and two women picking up stones from the fields with their aprons rolled up. His bike is stolen from him while he is playing soccer with some village boys. He chases the thief through the yards and barns of the village. “LUDWIG already shows all the characteristic elements of Roland Klick’s later works: the accuracy of observation, the sometimes shocking cut, the explanation of a character through action and not through words, the emphasis on the physical, the action” (Rudolf Worschech), even the barren landscape and the cold, glaring light of the sun at its zenith at noon.


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Language: German, Subtitles: English

Awards and Festivals

- X. Kurzfilmfestival Tours 1964: Preis des Bureau International du Courtmétrage für den besten ausländischen Kurzfilm (best foreign short film)
- Erstes Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Krakau 1965: »Silberner Drachen«
- Kulturfilmprämie des Bundesinnenministeriums 1965 (15.000 DM)
- FBW-Prädikat: »Besonders wertvoll«
- LUDWIG was used by Atlas Filmverleih as a supporting film for MASCHINENPISTOLEN, DIE SPUR DES FALKEN and KOLBERG, among others.


Director, Screenplay, Editor and Music
Roland Klick
Otto Sander, Elke van Schoor
Director of Photography
Jochen M. Cerhak, Roland Klick
Produced by
Atlas-Film, Roland Klick Filmproduktion
28.11.1964, X. Kurzfilmfestival Tours


LUDWIG has been released on the DVDs ROLAND KLICK – THE HEART IS A HUNGRY HUNTER and ROLAND KLICK FILME in the Roland Klick - DVD-Collection as well as on the single DVDs DAS KINO DES ROLAND KLICK and WHITE STAR.

Distribution Details

Screening Format
Blu-ray Disc
35mm (contact Deutsche Kinemathek)
Aspect Ratio
35mm, 1:1,37
License Area