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GER 1968, 87min

A strange case keeps the police and the inhabitants of a small town busy. A little girl has disappeared. There are suspects, innocents, a murderer and a web of lies.


For the parents to attend a company party with the neighbor, their daughter Monika is supposed to look after little Katrin. But the young woman prefers to have fun with her boyfriend and leaves the child in the care of her brother Achim. In the meantime, Achim suffocates the girl with a plastic bag and dumps her body in a nearby junkyard. When the group returns drunk, a feverish search begins for the child who has disappeared without a trace. The nerves of everyone are on edge, and with each passing second of uncertainty, the facade begins to crumble, and beneath the surface of the petit-bourgeois family idyll, human madness emerges.

Awards and Festivals

- Filmband in Gold for Renate Roland as Best Newcomer
- FBW-Prädikat: Wertvoll

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Director, Screenplay and Music
Roland Klick
Sascha Urchs, Sieghardt Rupp, Edith Volkmann, Renate Roland, Jürgen Jung, Hubert Suschka, Elisabeth Ackermann, Ulrich Beiger, Hans Kahlert, Gerda-Maria Jürgens
Director of Photography
Robert van Ackeren
Jane Sperr
Production Design
Heinz Eickmeyer
Siegfried Koch
Assistant to Director
Ina-Ursula Fritsche
Set Manager
Peter Eitzert, Jochen Graubner
Production Manager
Jürgen Dohme
Rob Houwer
Produced by
Rob Houwer Film
In cooperation with
Studienprogramm des Bayerischen Rundfunks (Helmuth Hafner)
World Premiere
8.10.1968, Internationale Filmwoche Mannheim
Theatrical Release

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