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Hey Mummy, we’re making a Movie

GER 1977, 20 min

Watching filmmaking through the lens of the camera.


A family man grabs aunts, uncles, relatives and friends to make a film with them. He wants to prove that he can do it better than the professionals from film and television. But things are getting out of hand. The filming degenerates into slapstick, the mum goes off the rails ending up in a barn. A short circuit makes the chaos complete. HEY MOMMY, WE’RE MAKING A MOVIE brimming with grotesque moments. In the slapstick the film finds its way to the roots of the cinema.


Language: German (no subtitles)


Christoph Schlingensief
Franz R. Schnoll, Doris Stommel, Leni Bauer, Hans Michel, Walter Nord, Martina Wolfs, Andreas Aretz, Ludger Aretz, Gabriele Dannhausen, Franz Ott u.v.a.
Director of Photography
Reinhard Lanzhammer
Set Photographer 
Dietmar Klein, Michael Kolberg
Make-up Artist and Props 
Ele Ans, Andreas Aretz, Isa Pauls
Burkhard Völbers
Jochen Petsch, Jürgen Bringenberg
Set Managers
Klaus Müller, Georg Vormbaum
Produced by
Amateur Film Company 2000


HEY MOMMY, WE’RE MAKING A MOVIE has been released on the DVD CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF AND HIS FILMS, which is also included in the DVD box for the GERMANY TRILOGY.