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Observations I

GER 1984, 7 min

“‘Why not’ is not an argument.” Schlingensief’s direct attempt to explore new forms of narration. Instead of logical argumentation and figure psychology, from now on only single moments of experience await us.


While the audience copes with the consequences of the last German film war between film reality and reality, the words are pouring out of the mouths of the characters. The conversation presents itself as an asynchronous jumble, in which everyone has something to say, but no one listens to anyone: Why don’t you listen to me? A line of argumentation seems no longer possible. One person notices in passing and yet hits the heart of the problem, which is also a problem of narration: Our epic daily routine is becoming an unbelievable chaos. OBSERVATIONS I is not just empty talk, but a direct attempt to explore this new form of storytelling through the lense of the medium.