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What happened to Magdalena Jung?

GER 1983, 13 min

The cinema takes off to new possibilities. Part two of the “Trilogy on Film Criticism”.


MAGDALENA JUNG can fly and does so without much ado. All attempts to find out how, all imitations are doomed to failure. Film cannot and indeed should no longer be regarded as an reproduction of reality or a single idea. Film is autonomous (and multivalent)! Its principle rule is to act without rules. WHAT HAPPENED TO MAGDALENA JUNG deals playfully with the illusory power of cinema, with „film as a wonder thing“.

Along with PHANTASUS MUSS ANDERS WERDEN and TUNGUSKA – DIE KISTEN SIND DA, the film is part of the “Trilogy on Film Criticism”.


Director and Screenplay
Christoph Schlingensief
Charlotte Ullrich, Rudolf Färber, Mathias Colli, Detlev Redinger, Martina Wolfs, Irene Fischer, Christa Towet, Anna Fechter, Doris Möllers, Nikolaus Hein, Heinz Geige
Director of Photography
Ralf Grape
Camera Assistant
Dominikus Probst
Christopher Krieg (= Christoph Schlingensief)
Mathias Colli, Christoph Schlingensief
Art Director
Bertram Strauß
Julia Strauß
Burkart Wilbers
Assistant Director
Ludger Aretz
Set Manager
Edgar Cox
Christoph Schlingensief, Wolfgang Schulte
Produced by
DEM Film
German Premiere
19.04.1983, Oberhausen, Gloria


WHAT HAPPENED TO MAGDALENA JUNG? has been released on the DVD CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF UND SEINE FILME, which is also included in the DVD box for the GERMANY TRILOGY.