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Death of a world star. Portrait Udo Kier

GER 1992, 45 min

A film portrait for the WDR! Perhaps one of the best films by Christoph Schlingensief? Unsparing, cheeky persiflage on all homestories and at the same time homage to a good friend.


In DEATH OF A WORLD STAR we can witness Christoph Schlingensief in his profession. As moderator of Kultur Extra he interviews Udo Kier on behalf of WDR. In between, excerpts from a home story in which Alfred Edel reports directly from the life of the passing world star.
Rediscovered, TOD EINES EINES WELTSTARS shows great moments, powerful moments, the last hours of Udo Kier, “who always felt most comfortable in the circle of his family”. Brigitte Kausch, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Susanne Bredehöft and Baroness Berswordt-Wallrabe make a wonderful film family – so personal as never before in front of the camera! Also present – more alive than ever before – are Fassbinder and Andy Warhol, with whom Kier worked together and realized some of his most important films.


Language: German (no subtitles)

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Director and Screenplay
Christoph Schlingensief
Udo Kier, Alfred Edel, Susanne Bredehöft, Brigitte Kausch-Kuhlbrodt, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Baronin Freifrau Irmgard von Berswordt-Wallrabe, Christian Hufschmidt, Sina Neikes, Christoph Schlingensief
Director of Photography
Voxi Bärenklau
Delia Dittrich
Joachim Rudolph
Detlev Schmitz
General Assistance
Philipp Homberg, Tabea Braun, Ariane Traub
Commissioning Editor
Joachim von Mengershausen
Produced by 
DEM Filmproduktion