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Protected Men

GER 2024, 104 min

Germany, shortly before elections – a mysterious disease outbreak afflicting only men strikes. Differences between the sexes long believed to have been overcome re-emerge, shaking society to its core.

The film is in post-production.


Germany, shortly before elections. Anita Martinelli and Sarah Bedford are pursuing grand political goals with their newly founded women’s party FEM. They are campaigning for a new system in which ecology, equality and sustainability have top priority. Yet during the election campaign, a new kind of disease breaks out, infecting only men. Differences between the sexes long believed to have been overcome now shake the very foundations of the society. When the chancellor falls victim to the virus, women take over the government. Anita Martinelli’s husband Ralph, an experienced virologist, is to develop a vaccine against the virus with his team in a remote, well-guarded forest laboratory. While the self-proclaimed chancellor Bedford secretly boycotts the work on the vaccine, Anita Martinelli and a group of other women decide to stop the repressive government’s plans. A counter-movement forms, fueled by a strong utopian desire for a better society. They rescue Ralph Martinelli and the other “protected men” in a spectacular escape from the lab and bring him and the serum to safety. The last surviving men are successfully vaccinated and the man-hating chancellor is toppled. With the remaining men, the women start over, endeavoring to create a better future.


World premiere at the Filmfest München (Munich International Film Festival) in the "New German Cinema" section
on Monday, July 1, 6:00 p.m., Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor
2nd screening: Tuesday, July 2, 3:00 pm, City-Atelier Cinemas (City 1)
3rd screening: Saturday, July 6, 6:30 pm, HFF Munich (Cinema 1)
Detailed information & tickets > here

"A biting political satire about power, oppression, and sexual stereotypes.
Ecology, equality, sustainability: Anita and Sarah pursue lofty political goals as they establish a new feminist party. By contrast, the men who are infected by a new type of virus tend to have less honorable intentions. The consequences: sexual obsession, molestation, and death. Urgent effort is put into developing a vaccine. But should the male sex be saved at all?" (Filmfest München)


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World premiere at the Filmfest München (Munich International Film Festival)

Awards and Festivals

- Filmfest München (Munich International Film Festival) 2024

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World premiere at the Filmfest München (Munich International Film Festival)


Directed and written by
Irene von Alberti
Britta Hammelstein, Mavie Hörbiger, Yousef Sweid, Bibiana Beglau, Godehard Giese, Julika Jenkins, Michaela Caspar, Johanna Polley, Sina Martens, Ruby Commey, Bastian Reiber, Timo Fakhravar, Roland Bonjour, Mathias Max Herrmann
Casting Director
Ulrike Müller
Director of Photography
Constantin Campean
Patricia Rommel
Karim Sebastian Elias
Sylvester Koziolek
Art Director
Mirko Rachor
Aino Laberenz
Chief Make-up Artist
Julia Böhm
Sound Operator, Sound Design
Rainer Gerlach
Sound Mix
Matthias Schwab
Commissioning Editor​s
Alexandra Staib (ZDF), Martin Gerhard (ZDF / ARTE), Claudia Tronnier (ARTE)
Monika Treut, Céline Maugis
Frieder Schlaich
Produced by
Filmgallerie 451
In Coproduction with
ZDF/arte (Martin Gerhard, Alexandra Staib, Claudia Tronnier)
Script founded by
Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)
Developement founded by
Ciclic-Région Centre-Val de Loire
Production founded by
Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM), Deutscher Filmförderfonds (DFFF), Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM)

1st Assistant Director
Inga Köhler
2nd Assistant Director
Leila Knörr
3rd Assistant Director
Paula Buchta
Production Manager
Gernot Sprenger
Production Assistant
Anna Bitter
Unit Manager
Yurdakul Peksen
Location Manager
Alexandra Koch
Location Assistant
Andreas Reischl
Set Manager
Kai Guballa
Set Manager Assistant
David Schlichter
Production Trainees
Luisa Neininger, Julian Wonn
1st Camera Assistant
Kolja Seibold
2nd Camera Assistant
Sarah Alisch
Leoni Faschian
Data Wrangler
Till Beckmann
Holger Ohlhus
Merlin Luong
Timon Dangel
Scenography Assistant
Lisa Mary Kracke, Julia Heiser
Prop Buyer
David Eder
Prop Buyer Assistant
Carsten Ahrens
Stand by Props
Marcel Ruben Schoen
Stand by Props Assistant
Carolin Annett Meyer
1st Costume Assistant
Coco Hittinger
Wardrobe Mistress
Melissa Roxanne Hebold, Carmen Abele
Make-up Artists
Anna Evenkamp, Lena Brendle
Key Grip
Dustin John
Best Boy Grip
Yukon Benner, Matthias Schröter
Boom Operator
Henning Krutein, Oskar von Gilgenheimb, Filippo Toso
Stunt Supervisor
Billy Buff (Buff Connection)
Stunt Coordination
Dani Stein
Assistants to Editor 
Jil Lange, Julia Dupuis, Paul Gröbel
Title Animation
Tien-Kun Lai
End Credits, Motion Grafic Design
Kathrin Krottenthaler
Postproduction Sound 
The Post Republic
Inhouse Producer
Petra Kader-Göbel
Technische Leitung Ton
Markus Wurster
Maxim Romasevich
Martin Langenbach
Postproduction Image
PHAROS - The Post Group, Josef Reidinger, Peter Gerckens
Key Account Manager
Angela Reedwisch, Katharina Deltow
Abteilungsleitung Imaging
Kenneth Hecker-Stiller
Projektbetreuung Imaging
Viktoria Janssen
Technical Supervisor Imaging
Patrick Heck
Christine Hiam
DI & Conforming Engineer
Jasper Brandt
Mastering & QC
Kay-Uwe Schuchert, Tobias Weber
VFX Supervisor
Andreas Clemens
VFX Set-Supervisor
Denis Krez
Compositing Artists
Johannes Riemann, Yannic Pröger