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I Used to Be Darker

USA 2013, 90 min

„Best of Sundance, a true original!“ (Indiewire)


A runaway seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore and finds their marriage ending and er cousin in crisis. In the days that follow, the family struggles to let go of the past while searching for new things to hold onto.


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Language: English, Subtitles: German, Polish

Press reviews

Strand Releasing has acquired U.S. rights to Matt Porterfield’s family drama I USED TO BE DARKER, three months after its world premiere at Sundance. “Darker” also had an international premiere at Berlin and won the best narrative feature award at the Atlanta Film Festival. The film will be released theatrically in the U.S. in the fall. Deal was negotiated between Strand Releasing’s Jon Gerrans and George Rush. Ronnie Scheib gave the movie a positive review for Variety at Sundance: “A movie of careful entrances and exits, Matt Porterfield’s I USED TO BE DARKER chronicles the dissolution of a marriage through the eyes of a runaway cousin who drops in unannounced. This outsider presence, catching only fragmented snatches of the overcharged emotions engulfing the family, allows the film ample room to distance an otherwise tense situation.” (Variety, 2013)

Matt Porterfield isn’t afraid to get iconic: the film’s key image is a shot of Campbell, arms akimbo with her shoulder blades exposed at asymmetrical angles in a summer dress, seen from the back as she gazes into a lush green wood, a mop of strawberry hair falling to her shoulders. But the visual design of the film, executed by Porterfield’s steady cinematographer Jeremy Saulnier with his signature clarity and poise, usually works against movie-movie imagery. Even its one romantic interlude happens pretty much in the dark. Everything is geared towards a subtlety, a hushed ambience that allows the viewer to hear the characters think. When the movie suddenly cuts off, the immediate reaction is a sustained “Hmmmm.” About 30 minutes later, you’re going for the Kleenex. It’s a stealth bomb. (Steve Dollar at Green Cine Daily, 2013)

Awards and Festivals

- Sundance Film Festival 2013 - Official Selection
- Berlinale 2013 - Forum
- Atlanta Film Festival 2013 - „Best Narrative Feature“
- BAFICI 2013 - „Best Director“



Matt Porterfield
Amy Belk and Matt Porterfield
Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Kim Taylor, Ned Oldham, Nicholas Petr, Geoff Grace
Director of Photography
Jeremy Saulnier
Marc Vives
Linda Cohen
Production Design
Bart Mangrum
Costume Design
Lane Harlan
Danny Meltzer, Gene Park
Executive Producer
Jane Brown, Dan Carey, Nancy & Jack Dwyer, Walter S. Hall, Laura Heberton, Don McGlynn, Celia Mingus-Zaentz
Steve Holmgren, Ryan Zacarias, Eric Bannat
Produced by
The Hamilton Film Group in Zusammenarbeit mit Nomadic Independence Pictures und Steady Orbits
World Premiere
January 19, 2013, Sundance Film Festival
German Theatrical Release
November 21, 2013


Interview with Matt Porterfield, Deleted Scenes, Live Music Videos with Kim Taylor & Jimi Zhivago and The Anomoanon feat. Ned Oldham & Jack Carneal, Trailer - All Extras: English
Country Code
PAL / Color
90 min + 30 min Extras
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
DD 5.1 + 2.0
Release Date
From 6 Years