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Sudanese Film Group (Arsenal Edition)

SUDANESE FILM GROUP (ARSENAL EDITION) Suliman Elnour, Eltayeb Mahdi, Ibrahim Shaddad, GDR, Sudan, USSR  1964–1989, 174 min

The Sudanese Film Group (SFG) was founded in April 1989 with the purpose of being fully engaged in all aspects of film production, screening, and teaching, as well as maintaining the passion of the Sudanese for the cinema. The coup d’état in the same year brought with it a suspicion of all forms of art, terminated any cultural aspirations, and banned all civic society organizations. Finally in 2005 the heavy hand of the state was loosened somewhat, and the SFG was able to re-register.

AFRIKA, DŽUNGLI, BARABAN I REVOLJUCIJA (Africa, the Jungle, Drums and Revolution), Suliman Elnour, 1977
WA LAKIN ALARDH TADUR (It Still Rotates), Suliman Elnour, 1978
AL DHAREEH (The Tomb), Eltayeb Mahdi, 1977
AL MAHATTA (The Station), Eltayeb Mahdi, 1989
ARBA’A MARAT LIL ATFAL (Four Times For Children), Eltayeb Mahdi, 1979
AL HABIL (The Rope), Ibrahim Shaddad, 1985
JAMAL (A Camel), Ibrahim Shaddad, 1981
JAGDPARTIE (Hunting Party), Ibrahim Shaddad, 1964

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