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Peter Kern Retrospective

Peter Kern - Retrospectives

Peter Kern is an extraordinary theatre and film actor, and since his debut film CRAZY BOYS he also causes commotions as a film maker. He is mostly author, director and producer in one person. In his films Peter Kern expresses his desires and obsessions, nobody gets spared, including himself just as the hypocritical, uptight, mostly Austrian establishment. Even though big productions like DOMENICA and BLUTSFREUNDSCHAFT are rather exceptions in his filmography, he again and again manages to have masterly big gesture crane shots also in his no-budget-productions. Anyway the work of Peter Kern is not about perfection, but rather about lust of life, joy, search and about the happiness that can maybe be found in another person.

Kern hates begging for film funds just as much as long waits. Kern is driven, he has to express himself. For over 20 years he has been shooting a movie every year, which makes him as productive as hardly anyone else. Kern was a regular actor with Werner Schroeter, especially during the latter 's big theatre time in Düsseldorf. There he also caught the attention of Christoph Schlingensief, who assigned him for his films TERROR 2000 and UNITED TRASH and various theatre works. This is also how Peter Kerns Schlingensief-documentary HAMLET - THIS IS YOUR FAMILY about Schlingensief's Hamlet at Zürich Playhouse came about.

Another relation with Filmgalerie 451 are the films by Hans Jürgen Syberberg with the young Peter Kern.
Until his 65. birthday in February 2014, Filmgalerie 451 will make the complete work by Peter Kern available for cinema-retrospectives. For now the focus is on the following feature films:

Films by Peter Kern distributed by Filmgalerie 451

  • HAB ICH NUR DEINE LIEBE, D 1989, 98 min
  • DOMENICA, D 1993, 88 min
  • HAIDER LEBT – 1. APRIL 2021, A  2002, 74 min
  • DONAULEICHEN, A 2005, 82 min
  • BLUTSFREUNDSCHAFT, A 2009, 95 min
  • GLAUBE, LIEBE, TOD, A 2011, 64 min

Film starring Peter Kern in the leading role (not distributed by Filmgalerie 451)

  • DIE WILDENTE, Hans W. Geißendörfer, D/ A 1976, 105 min
  • DER STERNSTEINHOF, Hans W. Geißendörfer, D 1976, 125 min
  • LA PALOMA, Daniel Schmid, D/ F 1974, 112 min
  • FLAMMENDE HERZEN, Walter Bockmayer, D 1978, 95 min

More information on Peter Kern

Biografie Peter Kern

Born in Vienna on 13.2.1949. A singer in the Vienna Boy’s Choir, he later became a stage actor and began working with Rainer Werner Fassbinder in 1973. In 1978 he won a German Film Award for his performances in HITLER – EIN FILM IN DEUTSCHLAND and FLAMMENDE HERZEN. He directed his first feature film, CRAZY BOYS in 1986, and has appeared in films by Werner Schroeter, Hans-Jürgen Syberberg and Christoph Schlingensief among others.


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