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 Film distribution

Following on from the success we had with theatrical releases such as “Windows on Monday” and “Schindlers Häuser”, we have extended our distribution activity further. With our concept of small, targeted releases we aim to reach specific audiences.

This step enables us to control our films from production to cinemas, to DVD and online distribution. However, we are not only distributing our own productions (such as “Tangerine”, “Diese Nacht – Nuit de Chien”, “The Invisible Frame”). For example, in 2010/2011 the following films are being released: “La Pivellina” (release date 27. May 2010, premiered in Cannes 2009), “Rammbock” (9. September 2010, first seen at Achtung Berlin film festival and screening in Locarno 2010), and “The Drifter” (6. Januar 2011, premiered at Berlinale / Forum 2010).

We also focus on our back-catalogue, which includes films by Roland Klick, Christoph Schlingensief, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Heinz Emigholz.