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The fine Day

GER 2001, 75 min

The third part in Arslan’s trilogy about Turkish youth growing up in Germany, focusing on 21-year-old Deniz during one long, labyrinth-like day in her life, in which she experiences everything that takes place around her with a feverish intensity.


“It’s so hard talking about feelings. Everytime I try it sounds wrong somehow ...” Waking up in her boyfriend’s Kreuzberg flat one summer morning, 21-year-old out-of-work actress Deniz (Serpil Turhan) begins impassively to change her life. After session as foreign film dubber they’re in the midst of looping Rohmer’s A SUMMER’S TALE , she promptly breaks up with the hapless Jan (Florian Stetter) after an argument in a cafe and a leisurely walk.
As she moves from one appointment to the next, Deniz begins a casual game of cat-and-mouse in the Berlin underground with the mysterious Diego (Bilge Bingul), with whom she ends up spending the evening. The next morning in a cafe, the wanderer receives some chance wisdom from an academic (Elke Schmitter) to begin another fine new day.

THE FINE DAY is the third part of Thomas Arslan's “Berlin Trilogy”, which includes the films BROTHERS AND SISTERS (1997) and DEALER (1998).

Press reviews

Thomas Arslan refines the idea that “each day is a little life” with serene confidence in “A Fine Day”, a concise and intuitive tale of one young woman’s inarticulated restlessness that completes the filmmaker's promised trilogy on the trials and tribulations of German-born Turks in contempo Berlin. (Eddie Cockrell, Variety, 04.03.2001

Awards and Festivals

- Berlinale Forum 2001
- Vienna International Film Festival 2001
- Pesaro International Film Festival
- Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
- The Montreal World Film Festival
- Vancouver International Film Festival
- International Film Festival Rotterdam
- Osaka European Film Festival
- Bradford International Film Festival


Director and Screenplay
Thomas Arslan
Serpil Turhan, Bilge Bingül, Florian Stetter, Selda Kaya, Hafize Üner, Hanns Zischler, Elke Schmitter
Director of Photography
Michael Wiesweg
Bettina Blickwede
Selda Kaya, Morton Feldmann, Saul Williams
Production Design
Ulrika von Vegesack, Vera Carstens, Ingo von Heland
Make-up Artist
Patricia Puisy
Anette Guther, Patricia Puisy
Andreas Mücke-Niesytka
Sound Assistant
Lasse Viehöfer
Sound Mixing
Martin Steyer
Production Manager
Ernst Martin Schlüter
Thomas Arslan, Martin Hagemann
Produced by
Pickpocket Filmproduktion, zero film, ZDF
Founded by 
Film- und Medeinboard Berlin-Brandenburg
German Theatrical Release


Shorfilm 19 PORTRAITS by Thomas Arslan (GER 1991, 20 min), Trailer
Country Code
PAL / Color
70 min + 20 min Extras
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
DD 2.0
Set Content
Softbox (Set Content: 1)
Release Date
No age restriction