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The Era of Indifference

GER 1994, 80 min

With his own poems, music and images from 13 years, Klaus Wyborny has composed a / his biography as a film: texts and perceptions that are less memories than visual codes of memory.


It was in the early 70s. A girl I met at the Ganz café persuaded me to follow her to Egypt. She offered to pay for the trip if I accepted to fuck her at the summit of a few pyramids. At the time, I was trying to make new friends, and I figured this could help me inaugurate a real friendship.
The Ganz café no longer exists. The shack where the freaks used to gather has now been replaced by a spherical, postmodern building where one can buy flowers and oriental jewelry. This is what happens to the places that feelings abandon.
Louise, however, did still have feelings, and would cry when she saw the Cheops pyramid. Because of the crowd of tourists looking at us, we had to drop our audacious plan. Depressed, we both slept in separate beds. Fortunately, there were many other pyramids in Egypt.

The comedy of a biography – the biography of a comedy! Funny, smart – and for the first time in the history of cinema: true!


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Language: German, Subtitles: English


Director, Screenplay, Camera, Sound, Music and Editing
Klaus Wyborny
mit Tanja O`Brian, Patricia Hightower, Rosalie van Dülmen, Gabriele Leidloff, Carola Regnier, Veronika Trissenahr, Martin Kukulla, Martin Frank
World Premiere  
Berlinale Forum, 11.02.1994