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state-theatre #1-6

GER 2009-2014, 239 min

state-theatre is a modular art project of Berlin theater and filmmaker Daniel Kötter and Constanze Fischbeck on the urban conditions of the performative in the six cities: Lagos, Tehran,Berlin, Detroit, Beirut and Mönchengladbach. The DVD edition gathered for the first time all sixexperimental films that incurred in the context of the state-theatre project.


The word ‚theatre‘ (theatron in greek) refers fi rst and foremost to the place and architecture of a performance, rather than to what is being performed. Even after centuries, a theatre’s architecture represents the visual order from which it emerged: the possibilities for artistic production are historically conditioned. The geometrical space of architecture is pitted against the anthropological space of its use. state-theatre departs from places that have shed their apparent societal functions: deserted areas, construction sites, unused or reinterpreted buildings – empty spaces in the urban fabric, places that were originally meant as allegoric gathering places: theaters.

DVD 1: state-theatre #1-3
state-theatre #1 LAGOS (2010, 25 min.)
state-theatre #2 TEHRAN (2010, 25 min.)
state-theatre #3 BERLIN (2011, 23 min.)

DVD 2: state-theatre #4-6
state-theatre #4 DETROIT (2012, 53 min.)
state-theatre #5 BEIRUT (2014, 67 min.)
state-theatre #6 MÖNCHENGLADBACH (2013, 46 min.)

More texts, materials and fi lms from the whole project state-theatre:

Awards and Festivals

  • 2011 state-theatre #1-3, Premiere Akademie der Künste Berlin
  • 2012, state-theatre #2 TEHRAN, bester deutscher Experimentalfilm, emaf Osnabrück
  • 2014 state-theatre #1-6, FFT Düsseldorf, SALT Gallery Istanbul & Architekturbiennale Venedig
  • 2015 state-theatre #5 BEIRUT, Arkipel international Documentary & Experimental Filmfestival Djakarta & Architekturfilmfestival Lissabon & Dokfilmfest Kassel
  • 2015, state-theatre #5 BEIRUT, bester Experimentalfilm, Architekturfilmfestival Lissabon


Script and Direction​
Daniel Kötter/Constanze Fischbeck

Segun Adefila / Sara Reyhani, Arezou Hosseini, Behrooz Gharibpour / Hermann Heisig, Elpida Orfanidou / Janet Anderson, Jessica Care Moore, Kate Daughdrill, Mike Hauser, Dan Pitera, David Rambeau / Rani al Raji, Amira Soleh, Antoine Moultaka, Nesrine Khodr, Karim Makarem, Maxime Hourani / Nicolas Beucker, Bastian Blei, Karl Boland, Busso Diekamp, Martina Fecke, Norbert Krause, Detlev Schneider, Hans Schürings, Susanne Titz

Daniel Kötter, Constanze Fischbeck, Edwin Emeka, Tunde Aboderin, Babak Salek, Eric T. Jackson, Siska, Sirko Knüpfer

Polarlicht Filmproduktion, Daniel Kötter, Cass Corridor Films Detroit, Constanze Fischbeck, Katja Lucker


16-page booklet (German, English)
German, English, Farsi, Arabic, French
English, German
Country code​
PAL Color
239 min
Aspect ratio​
Sound format​
Dolby Digital 2.0
Release date
Info-Programm gemäß §14 JuSchG