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Schindler’s Houses

A 2007, 99 min

40 buildings by the Austro-American architect Rudolph Schindler from the years 1931 to 1952. Schindler’s pioneering work in Southern California is the cornerstone of a branch of modern architecture.


The Austrian-American architect Rudolph Schindler (1887-1953) worked with Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright at the beginning of his career. Like Bruce Goff, he is a sin-gularity of modernism and the founder of his own Californian style of building. His turn away from the “International Style” isolated him in the world of architecture for many years. His style is characterized by the use of wood and by the unified design of furnishings for entire households. His own home, built in 1922 in West Hollywood, is considered an epochal masterpiece.
SCHINDLER’S HOUSES documents the interiors and exteriors of 40 of his houses in and around Los Angeles in the context of their surroundings today. Using no voiceover, archival photos, or other conventions of standard documentaries, the film presents beautifully composed shots of the 40 buildings in the order in which they were built. Emigholz’s style is formal and subtle, but the cumulative effect is a provocative meditation on Schindler’s ideas regarding architecture and environment.

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Concept, Director, Director of Photography and Editor
Heinz Emigholz
Camera Assistant
Volkmar Geiblinger
Assistant Editor
Markus Ruff
Christian Reiner
Original Sound
May Rigler
Sound Design
Jochen Jezussek, Christian Obermaier
Sound Mixer
Eckard Goebel
Production Coordination USA
May Rigler
Production Management
Alexander Glehr
Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
Produced by
Amour Fou
In Coproduction with
ORF Film-/Fernsehabkommen (Johanna Hanslmayr), WDR III (Jutta Krug) und WDR/3sat (Reinhard Wulf)
In Cooperation with
Heinz Emigholz Filmproduktion
With the Help of
Filmfonds Wien and Innovative Film Austria