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Our Hitler, a Film from Germany

GER/FR/GB 1977, 442 min

Syberberg’s controversial film essay on Hitler as possible projection of the secret wishes of the German.


Not porno, not underground film, not a good entertainment film, not documentary, not social criticism nor Hollywood boulevard film or horror show: rather a journey into the midst of night, a hell ride to paradise lost, into our inner self. The mystery play of a historical dance of death in the black studio of our phantasy, the ascetic “Trauerarbeit” (toils of mourning) on the end of an epoch, millions of dead. In old times one would have called it an epos, a poem, requiem, oratorio; an attempt to find a new German identity through film. And also about the heritage of Hitler in our present world, something about the infernal victory of quantitative democracy; about the calmness of melancholy and the thesis that Hitler can only be defeated with Richard Wagner.

OUR HITLER, A FILM FROM GERMANY is the third part of Syberberg’s GERMAN TRILOGIE, which also includes LUDWIG  REQUIEM FOR A VIRGIN KING (1972) and KARL MAY (1974). The film was released in four parts: THE GRAIL (Part 1), A GERMAN DREAM (Part 2), THE END OF A WINTER'S TALE (Part 3), WE CHILDREN OF HELL (Part 4).


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Language: German OV, English version, Subtitles: English (only available in the English version)

Awards and Festivals

- Bundesfilmpreis 1978 (Filmband in Gold, Darstellerische Leistung)


Director and Screenplay
Hans Jürgen Syberberg
André Heller, Harry Baer, Heinz Schubert, Peter Kern, Alfred Edel, Hellmut Lange, Rainer von Artenfels, Martin Sperr, Peter Moland, Johannes Buzalski, Peter Lühr, Amelie Syberberg
Director of Photography
Dietrich Lohmann
Assistant Camera
Werner Lüring
Optical Effects
Theordor Nischwitz
Jutta Brandstaedter
Assistant Editor
Helga Beyer, Lydia Pieger
Production Design
Hans Gailling
Barbara Buchwald, Hans M. Stummer
Peter Dürst
Make-up Artist
Gerlinde Kunz
Costume Design
Barbara Gailling, Brigitte Kuehlenthal
Assistant Director
Gerhard von Halem, Michael Sedevy
Set Manager
Ike Werk
Production Manager
Harry Nap
Line Producer
Bernd Eichinger
Hans Jürgen Syberberg
Produced by
Solaris Film- und Fernsehproduktion Bernd Eichinger, TMS Film


HITLER-Premiere in New York (30min)
German OV, English version
English (only available in the English version)
Country Code
NTSC / PAL compatible
442 Minuten in 4 Parts + 30 min Extras
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
DD 2.0
Set Content
Softbox (Set Content: 2), Booklet with Chapters and Texts
Release Date
Ab 16 Jahren

All three films of Syberberg’s GERMAN TRILOGY available in one box (6 Discs, 13 hours). The box includes an exclusive booklet with texts by Syberberg, Susan Sontag, Boris Groys and Rochell Fack (all texts in German). Limited edition!