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La última Película

CDN/DK/MEX/PHI 2013, 88 min

An experimental, emotional comedy that relates the end of cinema with the end of the world.


On the eve of the Mayan apocalypse, a filmmaker, along with his local guide, traverse the Yucatán with the idea of making his last movie. After encountering in Chichen Itza a surrealistic gathering of New Agers and Mayan mystics, the filmmaker casts a local TV reporter in his psychedelic Western. After the film is shot, the misunderstood and egomaniacal filmmaker decides to remain in Mexico, editing his masterpiece, forever ...
An experimental, emotional comedy that relates the end of cinema with the end of the world, LA ÚLTIMA PELÍCULA attempts to reimagine the atmosphere and the excitement of the heyday of American independent cinema. Shot with nine different cameras, under the influence of Dennis Hopper’s THE LAST MOVIE and the “nonfiction” film about its editing, THE AMERICAN DREAMER, LA ÚLTIMA PELÍCULA is a critical act combining fiction and documentary, looking backwards and forwards at the same time to create a film about the present. It is an infinite, oneiric gesture that attempts to save cinema with one last gunshot. All errors are intentional.

Press reviews

With its hilarious and poetic heterogeneity, Mark Peranson and Raya Martin’s meta-plunge into the unknown succeeds even as it designs to fail, generously evoking past histories while also looking ahead to an impending filmic, cultural, and spiritual apocalypse. (Riviera Maya Film Festival 2013)

Awards and Festivals

- Toronto International Film Festival 2013
- Riviera Maya Film Festival 2013
- Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2013
- Berlinale Forum Expanded 2014
- Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

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What is cinema? As cinema’s boundaries are, like the universe, constantly expanding, this question has become both as fundamental and redundant as say, the search for life’s meaning. But the earnest exploration of its contemporary existence extends to why we continue making films, how we make them, up until the very basic observation of the people involved in making them. When confronted by the Apocalypse, the very basis of cinema becomes as existential as life itself: its philosophy, the materiality, is questioned... In the same way that the existence of an idea in film is stretched in spatial and temporal circumstances, filmmakers at the end of time and place are gathered as forces, energies, with answers as vague and clarifying as the question posed: instead of asking if we are approaching the End of Cinema, ask rather, how would the last movie in the world look like? A question probably in the same vein as, what would you plan to do if you knew the world was going to end? What would your last meal be? What does the last movie have in common with the first?


Directors and Sceenplay
Raya Martin, Mark Peranson
Alex Ross Perry, Gabino Rodriguez, Iazua Larios, René Redzepi
Director of Photography
Gym Lumbera
Lawrence S. Ang, Mark Peranson
Mark Peranson
Produced by
Cinema Scope, Canana Films, Cinematografica, Faliro House, Fischer Film, Dox:Lab
German Theatrical Release

Distribution Details

Screening Format
DCP (2K, 5.1)
Blu-ray disc
Aspect Ratio
English and Spanish (Spanish Scenes with english Subtitles)
Promotion Material
License Area
German, Austria, Switzerland