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Goff in the Desert

GER 2003, 110 min

Heinz Emigholz’ congenial approach to Bruce Goff’s works.


GOFF IN THE DESERT presents 62 buildings from the American architect Bruce Goff (1904-1982) – from the smallest cottage to an impressive museum pavilion – and is the only cinematographic collection of almost all of his buildings still in existence. Bruce Goff is considered to be one of the ”greatest unknowns“ of American architecture. As a determined experimenter, his works and designs were often in significant contrast to the ”International Style“ movement, and the controversies surrounding his works have since become legendary. Almost all of his buildings created a shock in the landscape, paving the way for new, yet unimaginable avenues in architecture.




Rent or buy the movie on Vimeo.

Language: German
Subtitles: English subtitles available soon