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Everything that rises must converge

GER/USA 2014, 56 min

Four real-life adult film performers at a working day in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California  a hybrid documentary/fiction film.


EVERYTHING THAT RISES MUST CONVERGE follows four real-life adult film performers as they start their day at home and drive to work in a nondescript residential house in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. In between documentary scenes, we also encounter several fictional characters whose stories revolve around the same residential house where the performers work.
Shown as a grid of four simultaneous images, the film weaves scenes of everyday life with moments of beauty, as well as the strange and absurd moments of apparent convergence.

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Only in cinemas and at festivals — distributed by Filmgalerie 451

Awards and Festivals

- Berlinale / Forum Expanded, Germany 2014

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Only in cinemas and at festivals — distributed by Filmgalerie 451


Director, Screenplay and Editor
Omer Fast
Tommy Pistol, Allison Moore, Julia Ann, Dane Cross, Adrianna Luna, Michael Vegas, Mike Quasar
Luchana Gatica, Whit Spurgeon, Adam Pilver, Kai Soremekun, Ricco Ross, Christina Keller, Egan Escundero
Director of Photography
Jason Mccormick
Second Camera 
John Mang
First Assistant Camera 
Paul Metcalf, Sarah Remetch, Garret Curtis
Second Assistant Camera
David Parson, John Parson
Jamie Metzger, Matthew Love
Set Photographer
Curtis Buchanan
Make-up Artist
Monica Giselle, Kira Siegfried
Sound Design
Jochen Jezussek
Sound Mixing
Theresa Radka, Jared Simmons, Justin Blakely
Key Grip, Gaffer
Jim Kwiatskowski
Greg Suits, Justin Lesch, Kelsey Talton
Assistant Director
James Grayford
Production Manager
Casey Suchan
Production Assistant
Matt Capen, Peter Parson, Isaiah Yehros, Kat Vasiliou
Daniel Desure, Mary Pat Bentel
Produced with the Help of  
Arratia Beer, Gb Agency and Dvir Galleries
Thanks to
Zero Tolerance, Filmgalerie 451
German Premiere
07.02.2014, Berlin, IFF - Forum Expanded

Distribution Details

Screening Format
DCP (2K, 24 fps, 5.1)
Aspect Ratio
English (partly original language with subtitles)
German, French
Promotion Material
A1 poster
License Area
Not yet been checked (18)