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Die Basis des Make-Up

GER 1984, 84 min

Open voyeurism dominates the scene. Wherever one has the chance, people work themselfes into the ground through feelings and drive the wedges of love in their flesh. A only wants B, but B loves C, and C can only gets on with A. Romantic love becomes a masochistic insitution, its representation turns into comedy.


Belgium, 9th October 1979. A cook drills a hole in the door to the camera obscura of his boss, a Persian-American carpet dealer, who lives with two women-friends and a narcissistic drinker next to the bright spaces of his attendants in a gloomy carpet cave. Inbetween professional and private life each one tries to save his deal with love.



Director, Screenplay, Director of Photography and Editor
Heinz Emigholz
Kulturhaus-Orchester Bukarest
John Erdman, Bernd Broaderup, Eckhard Rhode, Claus-Wilhelm Klinker, Carola Regnier, Kiev Stingl, Silke Grossmann, Hannes Hatje, Sheila McLaughlin, Klaus Dufke, Marcia Bronstein, Heinz Emigholz, Gary Schneider
Key Grip
Axel Schäffler
Original Sound
Alfred Olbrisch, Richard Borowski
Sound Mixer
Richard Borowski
Heinz Emigholz
Produced by
Pym Films (im Auftrag des ZDF)