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Battle of the Idiots

GER 1986, 21 min

Alfed Edel and Udo Kier in front of Schlingensief’s virtuoso handheld camera for the first time!


In a German film institute the last minutes of the famous silent film “Queen of the Spring” are being shown. Queen Quelly is supposed to marry the alcoholic Guff, although she doesn’t want to ... After the screening the actors decide to flee – first from the screen and then out of the movie theatre. The film continues outside the cinema; everyone wants to have Quelly for themselves ... The queen becomes the source of conflict between the opposing teams.

For the first time in front of Schlingensief’s virtuoso handheld camera! – Mostly sliding on their knees under the desert sun – Alfred Edel and Udo Kier give up a gorgeous actor couple.


Director, Screenplay, Director of Photography and Editor
Christoph Schlingensief
Udo Kier, Alfred Edel, Anastasia Kudelka
Helge Schneider
Production Design
Ecki Kuchenbecker
Anna Fechter
Christoph Schlingensief, Wolfgang Schulte
Produced by
Filminstitut Düsseldorf
In Co-Production with
DEM Film


BATTLE OF THE IDIOTS has been released on the DVD CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF AND HIS FILMS, which is also included in the DVD box for the GERMANY TRILOGY.