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And-Ek Ghes...

D 2016, 94 min

AND-EK GHES... means: ONE FINE DAY... A song, a promise to the beloved, to the children, to oneself. Members of the Velcu family from Faţa Luncii, Romania, move to Berlin and perform themselves into a possible future. The sequel of REVISION.


AND-EK GHES... - ONE FINE DAY... is the refrain of the title song in which a young man promises his beloved a future in Berlin if her love is only strong enough to follow him. The song was written by Colorado Velcu, charismatic multi-talent, single parent to seven children; heart, motor and chronicler of an extended family from Faţa Luncii in Romania.
AND-EK GHES... continues an extraordinary collaboration based on the trust and friendship between the co-directors Philip Scheffner and Colorado Velcu. It began with the film REVISION (Berlinale, Forum 2012): The attempt to establish a common cinematic space between protagonists, filmmakers and the audience has now, three years since, been enlarged. The camera duplicates itself; besides the filmmaker’s, there are one, two, three cameras that wander from hand to hand. And not just the filmmaker, even we are allowed into a world in which humour, chutzpah and solidarity stand against poverty and exclusion. In which the Velcus, contrary to all ascriptions, reinvent themselves time and again. In which Berlin begins to glow in the shimmering colours of Bollywood. A world in which reality and fiction are sometimes only a laugh apart.


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Language: German, Romani, Romanian, Spanish, Subtitles: German, English

Awards and Festivals

- Berlinale Forum 2016
- Nominated for Best Documentary - Preis der deutschen Filmkritik 2017
- Nominated for Grimme Award 2016

Additional Texts

Philip Scheffner on AND-EK-GHES... 

The news that Colorado Velcu wants to come to Germany with his family reaches me during a screening of my film REVISION in Greifswald. The man who had just said, on the movie screen, ‘Let’s end the interview here; it’s better if everyone speaks for himself. You as a director know how that is done…’ will now live in Germany. In Essen. We arrange a visit, and I ask whether I can bring my camera – not with the concrete idea of making a film, but because it is the most obvious form of communication for us. That’s how we met three years ago: while making a film. Colorado in front of the camera, me behind it. The camera defines and legitimises our relationship. It creates a space in which we encounter one another and that can be plumbed from both perspectives again and again. Filming creates a unit of time and structures the encounter.
That’s exactly where we take up the thread again: the before and aper are filled with watching Bollywood films together and with eating and talking. Only now and by chance do we discover that we can communicate even without translation: both of us speak a few words of Spanish, and from visit to visit we hallucinate deeper into an imaginary language that hardly anyone else understands (least of all those who really speak Spanish), but that enables a direct conversation. On one of my next visits in Essen, I bring a little video camera as a gift for Colorado’s oldest daughter. From now on, the situation changes: ‘I film you while you film me’ becomes a favourite motif. The family moves to Berlin; now we live in the same city. In the course of a month, one camera turns into four. Colorado shoots the first scenes of his own; finally we sign a contract about a joint film. The film we are to make, whose orientation initially seems nebulous to both Colorado and me, increasingly becomes a filter through which we perceive ourselves and our reality differently and can interpret it anew. In the context of the documentary film, our conversation about friends and relatives becomes a casting session for a feature film to be made in the future – even though we are already in the midst of it. Something develops that we relate to together and in which we can meet one another as equals: a space in which, now that the film is finished, we no longer even need a camera. 


Philip Scheffner, Colorado Velcu
Colorado Velcu, Parizan Nistor, Casino Nistor, Eldorado Velcu, Calil Velcu, Noami Nistor, Rebeca Velcu, Sara Velcu, Nelu Cîrstea, Mario Ilie, Fecioara Velcu, Emporio Ilie, Armani Ilie, Ecstasy Ilie, Zefir Chiciu, Lulughia Velcu, Shaolin Velcu, Simpatic Velcu, Catalin Velcu, Creaţia Velcu, Jeckichan Velcu, Elvetia Miclescu, Elis Velcu, Paliser Ciliean, Director Ciliean, Atos Nistor, Darius, Philip Scheffner, Merle Kröger, Prefekt Miclescu, Vandana Miclescu, Amelica Velcu, Paradis Velcu, Leonardo Velcu, Gica Caldararu, Remus, Vica, Aritaxon, Tocaito Miclescu, Pegas, Milord Ciucur, Razbunator Miclescu
Colorado Velcu, Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner
Director of Photography
Colorado Velcu, Philip Scheffner, Parizan Nistor, Casino Nistor, Mario Ilie, Emporio Ilie, Noami Nistor, Fecioara Velcu, Zefir Chiciu, Jeckichan Velcu, Rața Miclescu, Calil Velcu, Donadoni Miclescu, Bernd Meiners and others
Philip Scheffner
Title Song Music & Text
Colorado Velcu
Title Song Vocals
Sound Design & Mix
Simon Bastian
Matthias Behrens
Merle Kröger, Alex Gerbaulet
Produced by
pong Film GmbH with support of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (Rolf Bergmann, Gabriele Conrad)
World Premiere:
14.02.2016, Berlin, IFF - Forum;
German Theatrical Release:


REVISION and AND-EK-GHES were released on one DVD in the Arsenal Edition.

Interview with Philip Scheffner & Merle Kröger about REVISION, 32-page booklet with texts and photos to the films
REVISION: German, Romani, Romanian
AND-EK GHES…: German, Romani, Romanian, Spanish
REVISION: German, English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
AND-EK GHES…: German, English
Regional code​
PAL, Color
200 min + 36 min Extras
Aspect ratio​
Sound format​
AND-EK GHES… Stereo + DD 5.1
2 Discs, booklet
Release date
from 12 years