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Three award-winning films of three decades!

Werner Schroeter is a key person of the New German Cinema of the 70s. Next to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Alexander Kluge, Werner Herzog und Wim Wenders he is known as the most important German film director of the postwar  period who has made himself a name also through theater and opera productions. His works combine an intense interest and knowledge of German History and personal dramatic and emotional investigations.


PALERMO ODER WOLFSBURG Werner Schroeter, D 1980, 170 min

This is one of the few films to broach the subject of the difficulties foreigners faced in their attempts to integrate into German society. It tells the story of an Italian immigrant who comes to West Germany in search of work. PALERMO ODER WOLFSBURG won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1980.

ABFALLPRODUKTE DER LIEBE (Poussieres d'Amour) Werner Schroeter, D/F 1996, 125 min

This film is based on the deeply held conviction that everything we express through the voice is the "product" of our quest for closer contact with another person, with love and every possible expression of love. In order to verify this fundamental idea, I invited singers to the Abbey of Royaumont, to create situations and provoke debate between them and their companions, wives, husbands, lovers, girlfriends and children. Every "loving couple" stayed 1-2 days with me, and following the inspiration and alchemy of the moment, I directed planned situations which "resolved" themselves through music. (Werner Schroeter)
ABFALLPRODUKTE DER LIEBE won the German Film Critics Award 1996.

DIESE NACHT - NUIT DE CHIEN (Tonight) Werner Schroeter, F/D/P 2008, 118 min

Santa María, a city between life and death. Ossorio, the hero of a failed resistance movement, returns to the besieged city looking for his former friends and his lover. But not only the situation has changed, also his friends: While a unscrupulous militia terrorizes the city, everyone is just busy saving their own skin. This night is the last chance to escape.
Werner Schroeter was awarded with the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for his complete works with DIESE NACHT.

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Press Coverage

Noir doesn't get any darker than in Werner Schroeter's film version of Uruguayan novelist Juan Carlos Onetti's TONIGHT (NUIT DE CHIEN), a grim tale set in a state-controlled South American city torn apart by competing military. (The Hollywood Reporter)