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TUNGUSKA Christoph Schlingensief, D 1984, 71 min

Schlingensief's way of getting even with German avant-garde film: the complete "Trilogy of Film Criticism - Film as Neurosis" on 1 DVD!

Three avant-guarde researchers on the road to North Pole. Their plan: expose Eskimos to their films. Torture can come in many forms...

Schlingensief's feature film debut marks the first of many collaborations with New German Cinema legend Alfred Edel!

Part 1 and 2 of the trilogy, Schlingensief's early short films PHANTASUS GO HOME and WHAT HAPPENED TO MAGDALENA JUNG included on the DVD!

"By chance, I happened to meet [German experimental filmmaker] Werner Nekes in Essen. He showed me one of his films, which wasn't necessarily the way I had imagined films to be; it used individual images and was experimental, as I would say now – not back then. It was chaotic. So I started working as his assistant and then Nekes gradually infected me with the bug. At this time I started getting a bit irritated. Helge Schneider entered my life. He had made this film “Johnny Flash“ with Nekes. And it was around the time that fun was being poked at Nekes’ so-called system.

So I wanted to break away from that and I made the film TUNGUSKA - THE CRATES ARE DELIVERED
, which was the story of three avant-garde researchers – of course, one of them was like Nekes – who travel to the north pole with avant-garde films in order to show them to the Eskimos. And that’s where I thought experimental film was headed."
                                                       - Christoph Schlingensief, Christoph Schlingensief and His Films

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A turbulent, eccentric take on narrative cinema, on film history, on the Theory of Seeing and the science that obstructs access to pleasure through art. (Peter W. Jansen)

The ultimate reckoning with 60s's avant-garde cinema! (EPD Film)

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