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DAUGHTERS (Töchter) Maria Speth, D 2014, 87 min

A sophisticated duel between two strong female characters.

"Agnes, a teacher from the Hessian provinces, has come to Berlin to identify a dead girl who might be Lydia, her runaway daughter. It turns out not to be Lydia, but Agnes stays in the city anyway. Still frantically looking for her missing daughter, she comes across a young stray called Ines, who no longer leaves her side.” Berlinale/Forum 2014



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Press Coverage

Maria Speth's fourth film, Daughters, focuses on a German teacher Agnes (Corinna Kirchhoff) who looks for her missing daughter Lydia in Berlin. A relationship develops between Agnes and Ines, a young artist who lives in the streets. They build a relationship as two lost individuals trying to find in each other the comfort to close a huge chapter in their lives. Since their paths have crossed, their feelings of belonging and melancholy can only be assuaged when they are together. In a slow pace and wide-angled cinematography, Speth successfully displays Agne's feelings of anguish and loneliness that remains heavy after all these years her daughter has been gone. The interactions between the two protagonists show the daughter/mother relationship that is extremely wanted but too wounded to be experienced.

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