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STILLES LAND Andreas Dresen, D 1992, 98 min

GDR in autumn 1989, young ambitioned director Kai ends up in a theatre in the North German province. While outside the country is crumbling down, Kai tries to revive the resigned ensemble and the dull small town with 'Waiting for Godot'.


This DVD contains also these 6 short films by Andreas Dresen:

'Konsequenzen' (1987):
GDR, the last working day of an industrial worker between loud machines, shower cabins and life prospects agains all reason.

'Was jeder muss' (1988):
Susanne and Dieter are 20 years old. They have just got a Baby. Family life could start now, but Dieter has to join the army. The film accompanies him the first six weeks, shows doubts, insights and hardly acceptable conditions. A little realistic view into the National People's Army shortly before the fall of the wall.

'Nachts schlafen die Ratten' (1988):
A Little Boy in the ruins of World War II and the white lie of an old man - after a story by Wolfgang Borchert.

'Zug in die Ferne' (1989):
A desolate provincial railway station and six People waiting for the late connecting train to the main station. About itchy feet and the longing of the locked in in October 1989, when the big turn of November was not in sight yet.

'Jenseits von Klein Wanzleben' (1989):
A documentary on day-to-day life of a small GDR-Brigade in Zimbabwe educating young Africans as construction workers. Best intentions meet exported narrow-mindedness.

'So schnell geht es nach Istanbul' (1990):
A sensitively told Encounter between a Turkish migrant worker and a woman from East-Berlin, shortly after the fall of the wall - full of incertainty and situational comedy.

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