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state-theatre #1-6 (Arsenal Edition - 2DVDs)

STATE-THEATRE #1-6 (ARSENAL EDITION - 2DVDS) (state-theatre #1-6 (Arsenal Edition - 2DVDs)) Daniel Kötter/Constanze Fischbeck, D 2009-2014, 239 min

state-theatre is a modular art project of Berlin theater and filmmaker Daniel Kötter and Constanze Fischbeck on the urban conditions of the performative in the six cities: Lagos, Tehran, Berlin, Detroit, Beirut and Mönchengladbach. The DVD edition gathered for the first time all six experimental films that incurred in the context of the state-theatre project.

The word ‚theatre‘ (theatron in greek) refers fi rst and foremost to the place and architecture of a performance, rather than to what is being performed. Even after centuries, a theatre’s architecture represents the visual order from which it emerged: the possibilities for artistic production are historically conditioned. The geometrical space of architecture is pitted against the anthropological space of its use. state-theatre departs from places that have shed their apparent societal functions: deserted areas, construction sites, unused or reinterpreted buildings – empty spaces
in the urban fabric, places that were originally meant as allegoric gathering places: theaters.

DVD 1: state-theatre #1-3
state-theatre #1 LAGOS (2010, 25 min.)
state-theatre #2 TEHRAN (2010, 25 min.)
state-theatre #3 BERLIN (2011, 23 min.)

DVD 2: state-theatre #4-6
state-theatre #4 DETROIT (2012, 53 min.)
state-theatre #5 BEIRUT (2014, 67 min.)
state-theatre #6 MÖNCHENGLADBACH (2013, 46 min.)

more texts, materials and fi lms from the whole project state-theatre:

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