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SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE Heinz Emigholz, D/A 2005-2009, 168 min

Photography and beyond – Part 11

The film SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE shows 42 contemporary architectural projects of Austrian origins. Shooting took place between June 2005 and November 2006. As an independent work, the film emerged from the material for 57 short films that Heinz Emigholz produced for the travelling exhibition conceived in Graz, Sense of Architecture.

The Exhibition SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE was curated by Charlotte Pöchhacker and designed by Alexander Kada. Unlike the exhibition, which grouped the architecture thematically, the new film SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE assembles the project into a social reality in which modern buildings were constructed for all areas of life.

The film starts with a bell tower in the Seetaler Alps and a construction site and then leads through the various stages of a fictive life: from a kindergarden, a single-family home, a botanical garden, ein track house, a pharmacy, a housing development, a museum for children, an apartment house with a workshop, a dialect institute, an art house, an office building, a shool, a shoe shop, an apartment block, a town hall, a community center, a medical center, past a pedestrian bridge, in a room for studying, an airport tower, a church reconstruction, a community center, a reginal exhibition, a residential area, a city council, a renovated castle, a villa, a restaurant, a hall, a building extension, a justice center, a prison, a cloister, an art house, a hospital, a vacation house, a castle, a museum, a stone house, a nursing home, a crematorium, and to a columbarium.

The filmed projects are in the order of their appearance: "Glockenturm" (2000) in Oberweg by Markus Pernthaler, construction site "Villa Trojer" (2005) in Matrei by Gerhard Mitterberger, "Kindergarten Dornschneidergasse" (2001) in Graz by Architekten Wratschko, "Haus R" (2002) in Graz by Feyferlik/Fritzer, "Gewächshäuser Botanischer Garten Universität Graz" (1995) by Volker Giencke, "Das Haus mit der Elefantenhaut" (2005) in Zurndorf by PPAG architects, pharmacy "Zum Löwen von Aspern" (2003) in Wien by ARTEC Architekten, "Wohnbau Carl-Spitzweg-Gasse" (1993) in Graz by Volker Giencke, "Kindermuseum" (2003) in Graz by fasch&fuchs, "Haus Werkstatt" (1995) in Hart near Graz by Michael Haberz, "Dialektinstitut" (2004) in Oberschützen by Hans Gangoly, "Kunsthaus Weiz" (2005) by FEICHTINGER ARCHITECTS, "T-Center St. Marx" (2004) in Vienna by Architektur Consult, "Stift Seckau" (2000) by Volker Giencke, "Albrecht 7" (2005) in Graz by PURPUR.ARCHITEKTUR, "Schwarzer Laubfrosch" (2004) in Bad Waltersdorf by SPLITTERWERK, "Stadthalle Graz" (2002) by Klaus Kada, "Gemeindezentrum Trahütten" (2001) by Hans Gangoly, construction site "Arztzentrum" (2005) in Matrei by Gerhard Mitterberger, "Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir" (2006) in Paris by FEICHTINGER ARCHITECTS, "Raum Zita Kern" (1998) in Raasdorf by ARTEC Architekten, "Flughafen Tower Schwechat" (2005) in Wien by Zechner & Zechner, "Basilika Mariazell" (since 1992) by Feyferlik/Fritzer, "Gemeindezentrum St. Nikolai" (2004) by Gerhard Mitterberger, "Kärntner Landesausstellung" (1995) in Hüttenberg-Heft by Günther Domenig,"Casa Nostra" (1992) in Graz by Riegler Riewe, "Bezirkshauptmannschaft Murau" (2002) by Wolfgang Tschapeller and Friedrich W. Schöffauer, "Generalsanierung Museum Schloss Bruck" (2000) in Lienz by Gerhard Mitterberger, "Haus T" (2005) in Graz by Feyferlik/Fritzer, "Murinsel" (2003) in Graz by Vito Acconci, "Helmut-List-Halle" (2002) in Graz by Markus Pernthaler, "Wohnhaus B. Kada" (1997) in Leibniz by Klaus Kada, "Justizzentrum Loeben" (2004) by hohensinn architektur, "Geistliches Haus" (since 1992) in Mariazell by Feyferlik/Fritzer, "Kunsthaus Graz" (2003) by Spacelab Peter Cook & Colin Fournier, "Landeskrankenhaus Hartberg" (1999) by Klaus Kada, "Grüner Laubfrosch" (2004) in St. Josef by SPLITTERWERK, "Generalsanierung Schloss Trautenfels" (1992) by Manfred Wolff-Plottegg, "Lapidarium Eggenberg" (2004) in Graz by PURPUR.ARCHITEKTUR, "Steinhaus" (since 1983) in Steindorf at Ossiachersee by Günther Domenig, "Sozialzentrum Passail" (2002) by Gerhard Mitterberger and "Krematorium und Urnenhain" (2003) in Linz by Klaus Kada.

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Press Coverage

By shunning still photography and talking heads, Emigholz presents the spaces in a more ambiguous, less mediated fashion, allowing the viewer to construct a personal sense of the designer’s creative voice. (FILM JOURNEY, Los Angeles)

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