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Roland Klick Films - DVD Collection

ROLAND KLICK FILMS - DVD COLLECTION (Roland Klick Filme - DVD Collection) Roland Klick, D 1962 - 2013, 540 min

"The professional amongst German directors." Szene Hamburg

Roland Klick is a legend, quite the only one in the last 40 years of German film history.
With Mario Adorf he shot the psychedelic western DEADLOCK, with Eva Mattes the milieu-thriller SUPERMARKT, with Dennis Hopper WHITE STAR, a morbid farewell to Punk. Klick made big, disturbing popular cinema. Despite his outsider position in New German Cinema of the 70s his films were decorated with six German Film Prizes, had also international successes and achieved classic status by now.

"Roland Klick reconciliated the rather brute appeals of genre cinema with an Antonioni-trained sensibility." (taz, Cristina Nord)

„Admired by the likes of Tarantino, Spielberg and Jodorowsky, cult German director Roland Klick’s reputation continues to grow. He was doomed to become a glorified, multi-Bundesfilmpreiswinning failure: the grandmaster of cinema culture that was not supposed to exist.“ (Sight & Sound, Olaf Möller)

(All films except "Schluckauf" with English subtitles or in English version)

All films are also separatly available as Stream & Download (German and English or with English subtitles) @ Filmgalerie 451 VoD - Website, see film titels >

DEADLOCK Roland Klick, D 1970,  88 min +
24 min Extras, Bundesfilmpreis in Gold 1971
A young man, Kid stumbles through the Mexican Sierra, shot and half bled to death, carrying a suitcase containing the loot from a bank robbery. Passing out from heat and blood loss, he is found by Charles Dump, a former gold miner living on the outskirts of ghost town "Deadlock" with his daughter. As Dump realizes what's in the suitcase, he tries to come up with a plan to get rid of its owner. As they are joined by Kid's partner in crime, the sadistic killer Sunshine. Soon it's everyone for himself in a violent endgame under the glistening sun where only one can walk away with the suitcase.
With Mario Adorf, Anthony Dawson, Marquard Bohm, Mascha Elm Rabben 
Extras: Interview mit Roland Klick (1997) / Audiokommentar von Roland Klick und Ulrich von Berg (2005) / Klick Portrait von Peter W. Jansen (1984) / Original Kinotrailer
Restored Original German and English versions (New Transfer from HD - Master) / DD 2.0+5.1
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SUPERMARKT Roland Klick, 1973, 84 min + 65 min Extras, Bundesfilmpreis in Gold 1974
Willi lives on the streets of Hamburg, always on the run. Being sheltered by a good-natured journalist who attempts to resocialize him doesn't stop him from getting in trouble. While being involved with small-time crook Theo who makes him work the streets, he falls in love with prostitute Monika. Willi comes up with a dangerous plan that will enable both of them to make their last great escape.
With Charly Wierzejewski, Eva Mattes, Michael Degen, Walter Kohut, Hans-Michael Rehberg
Extras: Interviewfilm mit Roland Klick und Jost Vacano (1999, 40 min) / Interview mit Roland Klick (1997) / Audiokommentar von Roland Klick / Fotogalerie / Titelsong „Celebration“ von Marius Müller-Westernhagen / Original Kinotrailer
Restored Original German versionfassung, English subtitles / DD 2.0+5.1
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Roland Klick, 1981-83, 92 min +
15 min Extras, Bundesfilmpreis in Silber 1984
Berlin, 1981. Dennis Hopper plays Ken Barlow, a washed up tour manager who hit his peak as a road manager for the Rolling Stones but things have been going downhill for him ever since. He has found salvation in Moody, an up and coming synth-pop artist, who he vies to take straight to the top of the pops.
With Dennis Hopper, Terrance Robay, Ramona Sweeney, David Hess
Extras: Interview mit Roland Klick (1997) / Audiokommentar von Roland Klick (2007) / Fotogalerie / Original Kinotrailer
Restored Original German and English versions / DD 2.0+5.1
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SCHLUCKAUF Roland Klick, D 1987-1989, 92 min + 35 min Extras
Gertie, called Flo by her friends, sees her big chance of a model carreer, when she manages to get the business card of successful model Chantal at a fashion show in her sleepy village. She goes to Berlin and nests in the flat share of Chantal. The story of a very unusual female friendship.
With Irene Findeisen, Cathy Haase, Peter Hugo Daly, Tana Schanzara, Rüdiger Tuchel, Jean Boileau
Extras: Audiokommentar von Roland Klick zu SCHLUCKAUF (2014) / Booklet / Interview mit Roland Klick zu seinem Debütfilm BÜBCHEN (1997)
Original German version.

WEIHNACHT is an etude about the machinery christmas, LUDWIG is the most beautiful of Roland Klick's early short films - in a stunning leading performance: Otto Sander, ZWEI shows snapshots of people, a city and day-to-day life and JIMMY ORPHEUS is a wildly improvised love story between nouvelle vague, German Beat and total cinematic craziness.
With Otto Sander, Peggy Parnass, Ortrud Beginen, Klaus Schichan
> Stream & Download: > WEIHNACHT, > LUDWIG, > ZWEI, > JIMMY ORPHEUS

ROLAND KLICK - THE HEART IS A HUNGRY HUNTER Sandra Prechtel, D 2013, 80 min + 107 min Extras, Berlinale 2013
The gritty, kinetic, visionary cinema of Roland Klick is ripe for rediscovery. After shooting with international stars, such as Mario Adorf and Dennis Hopper, Klick celebrated international success and achieved cult status. Yet after making only six features, he disappeared from the scene in a rather mysterious way. The story of an uncompromising film maniac.
And horrorfilm-Icon David Hess, who raged in WHITE STAR side to side with Hopper, interprets Klick's drama from an American perspective: He was a dreamer inside a Deutscher - it's not an easy thing to be.
With Roland Klick, Eva Mattes, Otto Sander, Hark Bohm, David Hess, Jost Vacano
Extras: Roland Klicks Kurzfilm LUDWIG / Interviewfilm von Frieder Schlaich / Outtakes / Original Kinotrailer
Original German version, English subtitles / DD 2.0
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Notes on the restoration
The four films DEADLOCK, SUPERMARKT, WHITE STAR and LUDWIG were restored and remarkably enhanced in image and sound, not only for this DVD-collection, they are available now for cinemas as well (DCP). In England and the USA the films of Roland Klick are only just being discovered, DCP's offer a whole new range of possibilites for that. We are very glad that the films could be restored in close collaboration with Roland Klick.

That this DVD-collection is not all complete is due to licensing rights. The three missing films are available, however: BÜBCHEN was available on DVD until 2012 at Filmgalerie 451 and can be found second hand, LIEB VATERLAND MAGST RUHIG SEIN has been published in a Johannes Mario Simmel-DVD-series and DERBY FEVER USA in our former VHS-edition is available in video archives.

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