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Riki Kalbe - 15 Films (Arsenal Edition - 2DVDs)

RIKI KALBE - 15 FILMS (ARSENAL EDITION - 2DVDS) (Riki Kalbe - 15 Filme (Arsenal Edition - 2DVDs)) Riki Kalbe, D 1976-1998, 263 min

The DVD brings together for the first time Riki calf cinematic oeuvre!

Riki Kalbe (born 1941 in Wuppertal, died 2002 in Berlin) was a Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer, a networker, a collector of images and stories. In her work she discovered metaphorical universes in concrete objects,
she invented the feminist hacker avant la lettre, and she researched stories of the everyday and the question of memory and remembrance.

DVD 1: IM PRINZIP HABEN WIR NICHTS GEGEN MÄDCHEN (In Principle, We Don‘t Mind Girls…, 1976), DER LETZTE KUSS (Sweet Sticky Stuff, 1977), HEXENSCHUSS (Interferences, 1979), DIE OPTISCHE INDUSTRIEGESELLSCHAFT ODER DARF’S EIN VIERTEL PFUND MEHR SEIN (The Optical Industrial Society or: Can I Give You a Little More?, 1983), BODENPROBEN (Ground Analysis, 1987), OHNE NACHTIGALLEN (Without Nightingales, 1987)

DVD 2: KNOTEN SONNBORN (Crossroads, 1988), KAMENSÜD (South Kamen, 1989), ZWEI ZU EINS (Two to One, 1991), VON DER REICHSKANZLEI BIS PARAGUAY (From the Reich Chancellery to Paraguay, 1992), DENKMALPFLEGE (Monuments, 1993), FUSSVOLK (Pedestrians Crossing, 1994), BERLINER LUFT (Berlin Air, 1996), DER HORIZONT (The Horizon, 1996), EIN GLEICHES (Another One, 1998)

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