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EPD Film

His best film!

Filmfest Journal, "Recipe for a total Menu", 1986, Don Ranvaud

Hang up the old celluloid meat and chew the cinephile's heart out!

Post-post-modernist; touches of pre-determined expressionist light dark but yet (not) abstract, though Fischinger cropped up earlier in a short called TUNGUSKA - equally for the creation of New Taboos that cannibalises a very fertile imagination. Viewer as eater of images that breathe intermittent passion (certainly) for the cinema. Seventies mistake is to be able to see everything; stock too sensitive, no mysteries, no gaps or spaces to doodJe your way out. Solution is to stretch grain and yes, again, keep it breathing (see it to believe it) AND remarkably humorous. People populate what otherwise might abstract and take off. Marginal and outside avant-gardes though conscious of tradition and preoccupation of former image thieves. Steal anything, re-produce and deal another hand with rules changing with the wind - oh! so freely. Definitely NOT cold _(Peter's on the other line) and probably, Christoph (Schlingensief) says, BEYOND most post-isms here today. Hang up the old celluloid meat and chew the cinephile's heart out. Positively irresistible with Forum workers rooting at the slide lines.

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