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LILA LILI & PETITES RÉVÉLATIONS Marie Vermillard, F 1998 - 2006, 160 min

Two films by Marie Vermillard

Lila Lili (France 1998, 105 min) A game of handball. Micheline is the best player on her team, but she's been benched. She's pregnant, but won't say who the father is. A film about a saint who can scream very loudly.

Petites révélations (France 2006, 55 min) A botched reunion, a shared smile, a glance, fear of the cleaning lady. 19 minutes of disturbing intimacy.

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Press Coverage

’Lila Lili’ is an explosive film, incapable of stopping for a scene, always in the middle of a rebound or a skid. Like its heroine, Micheline, a disoriented young woman living in a shelter, the film refuses to be categorized or labeled. (Cahiers Du Cinéma , Matthieu Orléan)