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Kleist Trilogy - Films by Hans Neuenfels

KLEIST TRILOGY - FILMS BY HANS NEUENFELS (Kleist Trilogie - Filme von Hans Neuenfels) Hans Neuenfels, D 1983-1988, 384 min

Hans Neuenfels’ adaptations of Heinrich von Kleist’s »The feud of the Schroffensteins«, »Penthesilea« and »On the Marionette Theater« for the first time on DVD, German with English subtitles, digitally remastered.

, D 1983, 35mm, 1:1,66, 144 min
Hans Neuenfels’ adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist’s »Penthesilea«

The film interweaves three layers: the centre is Kleist's play "Penthesilea". Like from a distance Kleist observes the relationship beween man and woman, when he transfers into mythical Greece what in his time became a problem for him in Prussia - and remains to be a problem also for us. The director's associations during the work form the second layer. Reality and fantasy blend to an imaginary biography of Kleist, the third layer. At the end of the film Kleist is identical with his title character Penthesilesa.

With Elisabeth Trissenaar, Hermann Treusch, Verena Peter, Lieselotte Rau, Nicole Heesters, Berta Drews, Hans Neuenfels and others

»Kleist and Penthesilea, author and figure, are the mysterious subjects the director in the film sets out to explore. Neuenfels portrays himself as searching for clues.« (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 1984) – German with English subtitles

THE FAMILY OR SCHROFFENSTEIN, D 1984, 16mm, 1:1,38, 130 min
Hans Neuenfels’ adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist’s "The feud of the Schroffensteins"

The aristocratic families of Rossitz and Warwand, who are relatives, have started to treat each other with mistrust and hatred, since a testamentary contract has stated, that the complete goods will be inherited to the respective surviving line. At the same time the young generation is in love, how can the tender ties between Agnes of Warwand and Ottokar of Rossitz be protected? Killed by their own fathers, they lie in their blood. A radical drama about the term "family".

With Ulrich Wildgruber, Annemarie Düringer, René Hofschneider, Stefan Wieland, Peter Palitzsch, Hermann Treusch, Sabine Sinjen, Angela Schanelec, Lore Stefanek and others

»And so ›The feud of the Schroffensteins‹ remained in the shadow of the thematically related Romeo and Juliet. Until director Hans Neuenfels appeared on the scene.« (FAZ, 1984) – German with English subtitles

THE LAST SEDUCTION OF EUROPA, D 1988, 35mm, 1:1,66, 110 min
Hans Neuenfels’ adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist’s »On Marionette theatre«

Hans Neuenfels engages in INNOCENCE UNKNOWN with Kleist's most important essay "On Marionette theatre", which is a key to his complete work. In the center of it is Kleist himself.

With Hans-Michael Rehberg, Ingo Hülsmann, Elisabeth Trissenaar, Bernhard Minetti, Mathieu Carrière, Irm Hermann, Lola Müthel, Eva Evdokimova, Klaus Maria Brandauer and others

»Spectacular images which constantly oscillate between nightmarish horror and empathy and, above all, reflect the fundamental concerns of the original text: beauty and grace.« (General-Anzeiger, 1988) – German with English subtitles

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