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In the Shadows

IN THE SHADOWS (Im Schatten ) Thomas Arslan, D 2010, 82 min

Trojan is a professional criminal who specializes in armed robbery. Released from prison, he picks up from where he left off before he was arrested. But now he has to begin again almost from scratch. Numerous obstacles get in the way of his pressing need for independence. He is almost broke and most of his old contacts prove to be less than reliable.
Richard Bauer, who owes Trojan money from an earlier heist, has no intention to pay him off. Instead, he sets his thugs on Trojan to get rid of him. Dora Hillmann, whom he sees for the first time in a long time, arranges for him to take part in the robbery of an armored car. When Trojan makes preparations for the job with his old friend Nico, the corrupt cop Meyer tags along with him. In this web of distrust, betrayal, shadowing and violence Trojan has to keep track of everything at once.

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Press Coverage

An impressively lean, thoroughly riveting thriller, "In the Shadows" slithers through underworld Berlin in grand style. En route to a twisty finale, German writer-director Thomas Arslan keeps his audience glued to the increasingly desperate actions of Trojan (stone-faced Misel Maticevic), a thirtysomething career criminal whose latest job slowly catches up with him. (Variety, Rob Nelson)

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