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IM KREISE DER LIEBEN Hermine Huntgeburth, D 1991, 79 min

A three-generation marriage fraud - The debut feature of Hermine Huntgeburth

Black comedy about a lucrative trade. A grandmother (Ruth Hellberg), her daughter (Karin Baal) and her granddaughter live in a love-hate-symbiosis and run their work-sharing business. After having spotted the right candidates through marriage anouncements, the daughter adopts a different look each time she goes on a mission at the seduction front. Once as a vamp, once as a greenie, she twists the marriage-minded around her little finger, to make them put their entire savings at stake. The money ends up in granny's fridge, neatly wrapped in coffee tins. But what's the final destination of the men who get too close to the women trio's secret?

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